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Football Shirts For Charity


Thank you to every individual and organisation that has offered us their invaluable support and advice. Together this team is making a difference x

Stuart Gunn

Renee Mitchell

Peter Girling

Adrian Butt

Scott Buchan

Andy & Michelle Vince 

Dan Vallis & Julie Vallis

Jozef - @JozefKostecki

Ben - @Benw55

Chris - @kitforbrains

Peter 'Paddy' Hartigan

Mike Keay - @FootieShirtz

Gavin - @kit_geek

The Retail Factory Limited

Alton Football Club

Nina Goodman

Rich - @footie_kits

Tom - @elclasicokits

Andrew - @jwilko84

Exeter City Football Club

Hallam Football Club

Cambridge United Football Club

Charity Football Weekly - @CFWpod

Richard - @JoaoBeth

Kevin - EcoPack Solutions Ltd

The Fan Experience Company

Adam Johannes - 'Technology Hero'

Fritha Hassell

Hayley & Ash Wagstaff

Tim Nobbs

Ian Harding

Maggie Saunders

Sandy Saunders - 'Needle Wizard'

Sharon - @SharonZoomer

Kevin - @kevinball77

Paul - @paul_c_watson

Sharon Fudge - @fudge1787

Gareth Daniels - Cambridge United

Mystery Jersey King - @MysteryJKing

Woody - @BootsTondu

Tom Rainsford - @circa88football

Mill Hill Cask & Coffee - @millhillcask (insta)

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